Why Photography?

The more I examine life, the more I realize that beauty is everywhere; in every shadow, every face, every detail scattered amongst the rubbish and forgotten corners of our lives. It is the artist who is trained to notice these details and who is gifted in revealing them to the watching world. The artist asks us to pause and appreciate too.

But the beauty that the artist draws our attention to would exist in time and space even if it were never noticed. The Author of Beauty has himself placed infinite and often unnoticed scenes of beauty in his world. They are caused and sustained by him but we pass them by again and again. They serve Another’s glory.

With an iPhone in my pocket, a small scattering of such moments are brought to my attention and I pause my day long enough to investigate with my lens. I then play with the potential in my Camera Roll, using VSCO Cam to edit, crop, and tune the images into something worth presenting. So many possibilities are passed by, just like they are when I take the pictures. But I trust that what I offer is enjoyed by those who pause with me. I hope they remind the viewer of the joy and sorrow imbedded in this world and that they point to their Creator


All of these photos are taken with my iPhone and are edited almost exclusively in VSCO Cam.

I post regularly on Instagram. I also select favourites to display on my VSCO Grid