Enumeration No. 1

I’ve followed rapper Whitelotus on Instagram for a number of years. Occasionally he would comment on a photo, adding a line of poetry that would breathe second life into that image. I enjoyed these spontaneous collaborations so much that we decided to work together on something more official. We now present Enumeration: A Collaboration. Whitelotus chooses from a selection of my images, creating a sequence of poems to pair with them. Below is the first sequence, Enumeration No. 1. Join us by following along on both of our Instagram accounts (@realwhitelotus and @djmelvill; let us know what you think. (You can also download this first sequence as a PDF here.)



may we be found in our own journey : we are chasing phantoms : we are elated from within : we are folded about ourselves : in the hope of finding higher ground, we are submerged in our being






we are led to the water : we are of the finest silk and lightest threads, sifted through the filter of our perception : we are aware of more that what we sense : we can feel it







cut into the dampness of the minds eye, we are running : petrified state of glorious ambush : led into the darkness : we are being guided by our intuition








all things come to us as a surprise : we are being led to it : impermanence, we are foundered by it : we are lost in contemplation








it is a ghostly renunciation : past blood and by waters, we are being watched : the sensation of union is fleeting : the emptiness embraces us and becomes our watcher