Arbutus: A Photo Series

One of the highlights of my vacation to the West Coast this summer was spending a couple afternoons and evenings wandering Helliwell Provincial Park. My backpack was filled with snacks, water, a sweater, and a Mophie juicepack. I would listen to my Wendell Barry audiobook while wandering along the beach, or through the forest, or across the cliffs. Regularly I would pause, under a giant oak tree or amongst a glade of arbutus trees, and pull out my book, a biography of George Herbert. And of course, my iPhone's camera accompanied me everywhere.

There are many arbutus trees on Hornby Island. The arbutus is my favourite tree. It is filled with character and with potential for images. This series of five images, all taken in or nearby Helliwell Park, was photographed with the app AverageCamPro and edited with VSCO Cam. I hope you enjoy.