Patterns for Daily Prayer: Excerpts from Timothy Keller’s Book on Prayer

Over the summer I slowly read Tim Keller's volume Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. The practice of prayer, once a distant and unreachable goal for me, has over the past year and a half become something almost achievable. My pastor Gavin Peacock has encouraged this desire in me and last year I learned the value of meditating on the words of scripture as a bridge into my own prayers. Tim Keller's book, in addition to providing an overall theology of prayer, furnished me with a number of tools that I am implementing into my prayer life.

These tools are contained in only certain sections of the book, and I was tired of trying to locate those sections every day. So I created this PDF document containing these key sections so I could quickly refer to them. It includes:

1. Martin Luther’s “A Simple Way to Pray”

2. A Summery of “the Prayer of Prayers” (the Lord's Prayer)

3. John Owen’s Three Basic Movements, or Stages, Within Mediation

4. Tim Keller’s Pattern for Daily Prayer

5. Morning Prayer

6. Evening Prayer

7. A Starter Plan for Daily Prayer

8. A Daily Office of Three Set Hours of Prayer

9. Daily Prayers Based on the Prayers of John Calvin

I'm posting this guide for others who have read Prayer and would like quick access to these sections of the book. Implementing these habits has already born fruit in my life and I encourage you to read the book and join me in them.