Travels 2015: The Reason I Came to Portland

Travels 2015 is a series of updates I originally posted on Facebook while on vacation. What started as a quick update and a couple photos transformed into a series of mini-essays that I would have posted on this website had it been up and running at the time. This one was written on August 10th, 2015.


I've been following the work of The Bible Project for some time and today their team was gracious enough to welcome me into their studio. They allowed me to observe their collaboration, and we shared many long conversations on the church in Portland and the creative process. I ate lunch with Tim Mackie (while interviewing him), and got career advice and a long list of recommended reading from Jon Collins. Wow!

I was afraid to admit it (as I thought it this kind of experience would never happen) but doing this was exactly why I traveled to Portland. God is so kind.

(In fact, the way he has encouraged me these past weeks - through my sickness, my sin, books I've read, sermons I've livestreamed, services I've attended, and conversation with new friends here in Portland - is astounding. Remember these moments, Daniel. Remember his faithfulness, even when the way is dark and uncertain.)

Stay tuned! I hope to share lots more from this experience soon.