Travels 2015: Pacific Central Station Evacuation

Travels 2015 is a series of updates I originally posted on Facebook while on vacation. What started as a quick update and a couple photos transformed into a series of mini-essays that I would have posted on this website had it been up and running at the time. This one was written on August 8th, 2015.


I'm assuming the fire alarm and evacuation at the stately and beautiful Pacific Central Station here in Vancouver means my trip to Portland is off to a great start? This fireman just pulled out an axe with a flourish, like some Viking warrior arming for pillage - and then promptly dropped his helmet on the asphalt while his colleague laughed at him.

My evening with Brandon last night was great fun. We ate sausages, smoked pipes, and discussed both the Book of Kells and the book of Leviticus.

I can't wait for Portland! I have some exciting meetings to look forward to.

Pacific Central Station